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Power Curve Performance Common Rail Diesel ECU Tunes have customers travelling from across the country for our results.


Power Curve Performance pride themselves on providing the latest tuning technology available to ECU based vehicles.

The concept of the ECU tune is relatively new to most people.  Our interpretation of the product is it is the cost effective replacement of the modification chip.  We like its no fuss feature in the fact we are able to see everything that is occurring with your vehicle through the vehicles management system, the ECU.  We are not wiring additional units to the car to confuse the ECU we are working with it to improve it to its safest optimum level.  We have tested it against the majority of major chips on the market and found it unbeatable for drivers wish on the road.  Some chips on the market will give a higher power figure on the dyno.  We have still have these customers request we remove the chip and replace with the ECU tune due to the vehicle responding and the tune applying its self where you drive on the road.  The most important thing to remember when reading a dyno sheet is where you drive.  You don’t drive your car at top horse power which is the ultimate result you will see on a dyno sheet.  This is our recommended option for anyone with an every day drive car, towing a caravan, or simple off road.

Feed back from customers has been better fuel economy, no hesitation when overtaking, no need to change down gears when driving a steep incline, safe power increase no lurching power makes it easy for anyone to safely drive.

Technically you expect up 30% power and torque increase and  gain 5-25% fuel economy.  Our process is a pre dyno run to find your original power, we then go through the process of tuning, re dynoing, and road testing the vehicle. This is a whole day process to assure you are getting the best out of the tune.

This is not a set up for an individual who is looking for huge horse power and highly modified vehicle with chip, turbo, cooler, injector…. upgrades, we do a lot of these however this package is defiantly for your every day tow, drive/work car.

The cost is $1295.

All manual Toyotas require performance clutch upgrades due to 100% guaranteed clutch slip.  Warning is given that any performance upgrade may effect your clutch and we like to provide awareness of this factor.  We fit an NPC clutch to these, due to the variety of options price is only available via direct communication with us.  Exhaust upgrades are all also done in house upon request for any vehicle.  We fit and supply a Legendex stainless 409 system, with a 10 year manufacture on and off road warranty, to our 4×4 customers.  For cars, and 4×4 including pre 2000. Customers preference on these options, all exhaust prices available upon request.  If you are thinking of adding any extras to your vehicle we do prefer these to be done in house by our professional performance team.  Your exhaust, snorkels, lifts are all taken into consideration when your tune is applied and expert fitting is preferable to give you an optimum performance outcomes.

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ECU over view

Power Chips

Power Curve Performance are your Sunshine Coast Automotive Specialist.  We offer a large range of performance enhancing options.  Call us today to book a consultation with your vehical and one of our specialist.  The team with make a full dyno diagnosis of the current situation including your future goals and expectations of the vehical.  We will provide you with a professional proposal of work to be carried.  We offer many different services for a wide range of vehicles and service anything from classic to plastic, offroad to track, caravan tow to school time pick up vehical.  Following are a few options that we can assist you with.

Power Curve Performance is delivering the chip options the Sunshine Coast is asking for. The range of chips on the market are endless and their price range mostly reflects their results on the vehicle.  For most pre 2000 4×4 these are the best option.  There are many styles of chip on the market including rail, fuel injection and some that do both.  Our recommendation of chip is vehicle specific and we recommend you contact us for further information.

One chip option is the Steinbauer Power Module is a highly advanced electronic module which optimises the vehicle’s fuel injection system, thus providing more power and torque output without affecting the long term reliability of the vehicle. The Steinbauer Power Module has been developed following years of research and testing and is subject to rigorous quality control measures.It is very easy to install and can be applied to virtually all makes and models of turbo diesel vehicles. There are Steinbauer Power Module applications for passenger cars, 4WD’s, trucks, agricultural tractors, & marine engines.If it’s powered by diesel, electronically controlled, it’s likely that Steinbauer make a module to suite. Testing by the manufacturer, has confirmed the Steinbauer Power Module’s ability to achieve 20% more power and 20% more torque while still maintaining safe emission levels and exhaust temperatures. In Agricultural applications 25% increases are achieved.

Wolf Engine Management Systems partnered with Power Curve Performance bring you a whole new level of tuning. Wolf management work side by side with our team to achieve unbeatable results.  Wolf systems are extremely complex and are assisting us to take on previously un achievable options such as automatic TD42s, Smooth running petrol hilux upgrades and more.  Wolf supply an universal plug in kit that are designed to remove the standard ECU and re fit with the wolf, E85 sensors, eletronic throttle control units and much more.

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