Performance DYNO TUNING Sunshine Coast

Before beginning any modification journey, tune, exhaust, turbo, cam, cooling etc you need to know.

1. Your engine is in the correct shape to justify the mod

2. You are making the correct choice to obtain optimum performance for dollars.

By bringing your vehicle to our tuner they are able to diagnose faults and see the points in the engine that are under performing and causing issues for your particular circumstances. Our experienced team work with multiple tuning equipment, programs, devices and network with industry leaders making us your optimum choice when tuning your vehicle.  We are not make or engine specific having vast experience tuning carbies to common rail diesel and everything in between.  Simply converting an engine or adding a turbo upgrade is no longer complete without the assistance of an adequate tune to enhance the results of the modification.  The choice of tuner can be as important a choice as the turbo or engine you decide to modify.  We pride our tunes on respect to the vehicle, engine and owner, we tune for drivability and reliability.  We understand the aspects of tuning an engine is not a high figure on a dyno read out it is all of the logistics that come together to make the car suit the owners specific needs and circumstances.  who better to tune your vehicle than our team the Sunshine Coast Performance one stop shop.  We build it, tune it, YOU DRIVE IT!!

Our dyno dynamics dyno is a 2 wheel set up and if you have already invested in your upgrade and are looking for a power run to show results of previous work we are also happy to accommodate your need.

So if you’re looking for a performance specialist dyno tune on the Sunshine Coast
contact us today for a quote, our customers are for life!

Don’t rely on your mates to get you more power.

Power Curve Performance, do it once, do it right!