Forced Induction is the future of power and performance

We offer a large array of Turbocharged and Supercharged solutions

Turbocharging and 4wd’s fit together like 4WD owners and the great outdoors, this synergy of increased power gain and reliable performance is why we are seeing most manufacturers now making Turbo’s a standard feature on many of their engines.

If you own a new or older model 4WD and are looking for some increased power and performance, whether towing, climbing hills or just lugging heavy loads around in the work truck a turbo is the perfect solution, offering huge amounts of torque and power on demand.

We have turbo-charging solutions for diesel, EFI and naturally aspirated vehicles. We recommend and use Garrett Turbos to take your 4WD to the next level and let you truly enjoy the drive.

Another form of gaining power and torque and increasingly becoming more popular due to advancing technology is Supercharging  Superchargers are a great option as they offer instant, responsive and powerful gains low in the rev range.  Let’s face it when under load whether towing or climbing hills this is the area you want to see the extra gains with less lag (a supercharger applies power instantly and is very responsive to the pedal). Superchargers have been around for many years and only recently have been made affordable and reliable enough to become more popular with the 4WD scene.

If you are thinking forced induction just call Patrick and the team at Power Curve Performance and we will be happy to discuss your needs and our solutions.